Sneak Peak into the Future of Protecting Minority Shareholders

How will Texas courts protect minority shareholders after Ritchie v. Rupe? After almost two years of research and reflection, HCWD, PLLC has written a comprehensive law review article explaining the future of shareholder oppression law in Texas. Part 1 of this article has just been published in the Winter 2017 edition of the Texas Journal of Business Law.

What is included in this new law review article?

  • How Texas law will fill in the "gaps" left by Ritchie v. Rupe.
    Ritchie v. Rupe overruled the Shareholder Oppression doctrine and left significant gaps in the legal protections of minority shareholders. Find out exactly what are the gaps and how they will be addressed.
  • Learn about the two causes of action that will fill the void left by the Supreme Court.
    Two causes of action that were neglected and forgotten after the shareholder oppression doctrine became dominant will fill the void, protect minority shareholders from oppressive conduct, and make available again the buy-out remedy.
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