Business Law

Hopkins Centrich

Attorney-Client Relationship

The merits of the case and our experience with relevant issues are the primary focus in the intake decision process. We are selective in whom we represent, but when we offer representation, our clients can take comfort in knowing that their case has strong merits and that they have an expert advocate with years of experience in handling precisely the issues that may arise in their case.

We cannot meet these high standards of advocacy without each client taking an active role in his or her case prosecution. Our clients are expected to work closely with us to identify and develop all facts necessary to prove their claims, and to be available to assist in all aspects of prosecuting their claims. The hallmark of this approach is open and active communication with our clients. Our clients will promptly be informed of all developments in their case, be involved in shaping and executing the litigation and settlement strategy, and at all times have a full understanding of all steps we are taking as advocates. Communication is necessarily a two-way street. We expect our clients to be immediately responsive to our requests, and we promise the same responsiveness. Client calls will be returned promptly (almost always within the same day), and time will always be devoted to fully explaining developments in the case and answering all questions.

It is our business philosophy to charge a rate that is both fair to our clients and fair to our firm. To that end, we review our fees regularly and strive to keep our rates competitive with other firms with similar levels of expertise. We hope that our years of experience make Hopkins Centrich an excellent value for the services rendered.